Medication Discounts for Opioid Addiction

Opioid Addiction is a growing issue in the US. Medication-Assisted Treatment is becoming a popular option for users to treat addiction. When combined with counseling or therapies there is a growing success rate for treating opioid addiction. There are many prescription medications that can help a drug user quit using with minimal withdrawal symptoms. There are 2 different types, Opioid Agonists and Opioid Antagonists. Opioid Agonist medications work by reducing the negative effects of withdrawal and craving without producing the euphoria that the drug of abuse caused. Opioid Antagonist medications work by blocking the activation of opioid receptors, so the user does not get the euphoria from using the drug. There are a growing number of medications available to help treat opioid addiction, and most are at a high cost. A treatment provider will decide on the best medication to treat an active addiction. With the FREE Patient Rx Discount card, you can get a discount on medication to treat opioid addication.  

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Examples of Opioid addiction meds commonly used for treatment:


Common brands: Buprenex, Butrans, Probuphine  



Common brands: Suboxone, Zubsolv, Bunavail  



Common brands: ReVia, Vivitrol