Our Pledge

Our PLEDGE to our Cardholders

In this day of advanced technology, we are particularly sensitive to information security. Rest assured, we consider the security of your personal information is of the utmost significance, and you can count on us to keep it safe. Let us address some of your concerns, but please let us know if there are any further issues you want clarified!

What details do you gather and why?

We guarantee your personal information will never be rented, sold, or revealed to anybody! None of your info is actually required to receive a card, however we are able to provide more value to our customers with the data we collect. Your card is personalized with your name and we will send savings opportunities to your email address. Should you decide you would no longer like to receive additional savings notices, you have the choice to opt out of email updates with each email received.

Your address is a valuable tool for marketing verification. By tracking the download rate of promotions in your area we are able to modify our approach to fit the actual need in your area.

What prescription information do you gather from the drug store?

It is important to understand we do NOT directly process prescription claims. A claims processor receives prescription claims electronically directly from the pharmacy, and that’s where your exact savings are determined. Under the Health Insurance Portibility and Accountability Act (HIPPA), your prescription health information is strictly confidential, between you, the pharmacy, and the claims processor. In any case, personal identifying info (names, addresses, and social security numbers) is not shared with the claims processor as it is unnecessary for discount claims processing.

How do you offer the card for free? Is there a catch?

Your patronage is highly valued by pharmacies. They pay a small, flat rate transaction fee for each pharmacy claim processed and our company will collect a small portion of that fee from our processors to support the program. We only get paid when you save! You benefit from the tremendous savings the card will provide and we benefit by our share of the transaction fee. Everyone wins!


Why Patient Rx?

  • Save up to 85% on FDA approved drugs at 60,000 pharmacies nationwide

  • Never expires! No pre-qualifications, No forms

  • Ready to use! Works just like a coupon

  • Usable with High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) under the Affordable Care Act and other plans

  • Get discounts on prescriptions when in the Medicare donut hole, or if your medication isn’t covered on your current plan


We’re in the business of helping people afford the prescriptions they need to improve their quality of life. Questions? Contact us today!